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In addition to her other communication skills, Janet Langhart Cohen has proven to be a successful author, with titles that include
From Rage to Reason: My Life in Two Americas. According to Booklist, “Cohen describes two Americas in her remarkable memoir.
One is that of a poor black girl growing up in the projects in Indianapolis and reaching womanhood in the racially turbulent 1960s.
The other America is that of the wife of a powerful white Republican former secretary of defense.”

The dialogue entitled Race and Reconciliation in America was convened to provide a forum for a long overdue, open, honest, and constructive discussion among people of good will about the need for the American people to grasp the depth of past misdeeds; why the legacies of past
persist; and how we can achieve a more fair and just society embodied in the American Dream.

Love in Black and White: A Memoir of Race, Religion, and Romance, which Janet Langhart Cohen co-wrote with her husband, William S. Cohen, allows readers to accompany Bill and Janet in their struggles to overcome the barriers of ethnic and racial bigotry and hatred. The stories are rich and profound. The book draws fascinating parallels between the histories of two people from different regions, races, and religions, discussing
their observations and experiences with the social tensions of the times.


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